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Looking for water for your private or commercial construction site? Give us a call at 860-848-2278 x11 so we can answer any questions you may have.

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SSE Testing

Service Station Equipment - Service

Service Station Equipment, Inc. is an industry leader in service and testing of petroleum equipment. We offer over 25 years of experience in the industry and our highly trained technicians specialize in a variety of equipment and parts including, but not limited to: Dresser Wayne, OPW, Veeder-Root, Verifone Ruby, Franklin Fueling Systems, Red Jacket, Fuelmaster, Gilbarco, Gas-Boy, FE Petro, Incon, Healey and many others. Our technicians are also certified to handle warranty on the great product lines listed above. With a stocked warehouse to serve your needs, please contact our service department for your parts, troubleshooting and service needs.

Service Station Equipment - Testing

We take advantage of technology to perform your testing efficiently.  This means less down time for you. We are certified to perform testing in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont & New York. Interstitial intrusion investigation and remediation.State of Connecticut requires yearly testing of underground components, lines, leak detectors and cathodic protection.

We also provide tank testing for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

DEP Vapor Recovery Division requires Stage II testing every 3 years.

**** On February 7, 2012 – The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) announced that Connecticut is taking the first step toward phasing out the systems on gasoline pumps designed to capture gasoline fumes – known as “Stage II Gasoline Vapor Recovery Systems” – which have been a fixture on gasoline pumps here since 1992.****

Service Station Equipment, Inc. offers both Stage II and Stage I testing. For more information on making the transition from your existing Stage II system to Stage I – please contact our Construction Department 860-848-2278.

In May of 2012 Connecticut issued a Notice of Intent to Revise the Regulations Regarding Underground Storage Tanks. These proposed changes include MANDATORY UST Operator Training. This requires Owners/Operators of Underground Storage Tanks to assign Class A, Class B and Class C operators that have completed the required training. If you have questions about whether this applies to you, or need help understanding how to meet the requirements, Service Station Equipment is here to help. We offer not only guidance, but we are also certified Class A/B Operators. Please call 860-848-2278 x11 for more information.

Is your diesel pumping slowly?   Notice “coffee grounds” in your filter?

Algae are a life form found in water similar to algae growing in an aquarium. Algae do not live in fuel and it requires sunlight to grow. For years, people have been referring to tank sludge and the jelly, slime and other contaminants found in fuel filters as “algae”. The colloquialism “diesel fuel algae” is widely used and understood.However, there is no relationship between the “algae” growing in your aquarium and the sludge “growing” (forming) in your fuel tank and showing up on your filter elements. 

There are three basic areas of concern about contaminants in fuel and oil:
1. Water
2. Inorganic debris (sand, dust, rust, etc.)
3. Organic debris (fuel breakdown products and waste products of fuel deterioration and re-polymerization)

The organic debris represents more than 90% of all contaminants found in fuels and oil. It is this organic debris, the sludgy, slimy, acidic material that people refer to as “diesel fuel algae”. It could also be called a polymer, tar, wax or asphalt!

kathon-logo.gifWe provide algae treatment using Biocide/ Kathon followed by a pump of out of the tank bottom.

We offer tank cleaning using GamaJet http://www.gamajet.com/
Watch the video below to see how it works!